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From this area you will be able to access your study units and the documents which will provide information and guidance on the programme you are on and the procedures used by us.

CIOB Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies
  1. Planning Building Operations
  2. Organising & Controlling Building Operations
  3. Supervising Health, Safety & Welfare on a Construction Site
  4. Maintaining the Dimensional Accuracy of Construction Work                         
  5. Working with People on a Construction Site
  6. Developing Skills of  Construction Teams and Self
CIOB Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Site Management
and CIOB Graduate Conversion Certificate

  1. Project Planning for Construction
  2. Project Control And Monitoring for Construction 
  3. Managing The Quality of Construction Work 
  4. Managing Health, Safety, Welfare And Risk Control within a Construction Site 
  5. Managing Dimensional Control on Construction Sites
  6. Developing and Managing Self & Construction Personnel
  7. Managing Sustainable Construction
  8. Contractual and Legal Responsibilities within a Construction Environment  
  9. Estimating & Measuring Work within a Construction Environment
 10. Managing Sub-contractors within a Construction Environment
 11. Managing Building Services within a ConstructionEnvironment
 12. Managing Technology of Modern Construction 



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