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Assignment Submission

Completion and Submission of Assignments

The tasks you complete as part of your study unit will go towards your end of unit assignment. This may be completed as you progress through the unit or may be done on completion, although the best way of approaching the assignment is to work your way through the unit doing the tasks as you work through. However, assignments are sometimes slightly modified so do check that you have the latest version before submitting it.  This can be found by checking the version date at the bottom of the assignment prior to submission.


Each task gives you guidance as to the number of words, although this is just a guide. It may also provide guidance as to the content, which may be useful when doing the assignment. Once you have done the task you will find that it relates to the assignment so you can copy and paste it into the assignment but do ensure that it is geared to the question. 

When doing the task or question in the assignment you must make sure that you read it properly and make sure that you provide what it asks for and in the format requested.  If it asks for a list and description provide that and not an essay.

When completing your responce do not copy and paste text from the study unit or from the internet. You are encouraged to use the internet as a learning tool but make sure that every question is answered in your own words. If you copy and paste work from other sources it will not be accepted.

Make sure that you conform to the instructions for submitting the assignment in all respects.
You may submit your first Task only for an informal review, although this must be submitted using the assignment document and entitled with your Name, Unit Number and the word Assignment followed by the word Preview when this is returned you may complete the remainder of the questions/tasks and then submit that, but make sure you remove the suffix Preview. 
The Assignment is accessible from the column on the left of the page this should be downloaded and given the name. Your name – Unit number assignment i.e.: John Moore Unit 1 Assignment
You should insert your name and Learning Gateway Registration number. The response to each of the questions should be typed in the response box.  In some cases your response will not fit in the box i.e. if completed as a spreadsheet, so this can be sent as a separate file.  If you do this you should give it a file name of your name and the question number i.e. John Moore Question 1.2.2 and send it with your assignment in the same email. ALL FILES SENT MUST START WITH YOUR NAME . You should indicate in the response box that it has been sent as a separate file. Files should be sent as word or excel file, you should NOT send any files as a zip file.
Once you have completed the Assignment it should be emailed to  


Producing Your Assignment


When producing your assignment, it is essential that you take note of these points.


1) Read the question and make sure that you provide what it is asking. No matter how good your response is, if it doesn’t provide what the question is actually looking for it will not pass.

2) Gear the wording of your response to the wording of the question. Your response must be relevant and relate to what the question is asking.

3) Make sure you provide what is asked for in the format specified. If the question asks for a list and a description produce a list and then describe what is asked for. If it asks for a check list it must include the ability to tick a box to show that the item has been completed.

4) You may be asked to carryout one of the things below, note what is required:

Describe - to tell or depict in written an account of.

Evaluate – (1) to determine or set the value or amount of; appraise: to evaluate property. (2) to judge or determine the significance, worth, or quality of; assess.

Compare - to examine (two or more objects, ideas, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences.

Explain - to make plain or clear; render understandable or intelligible: to make known in detail.

5) The amount of content should reflect that this is a Level 4 qualification, so a few sentences will be unlikely to meet the standard of that level.

6) If you are aiming to obtain a grade greater than a Pass you should provide a greater depth of information, but it must be relevant to the question and it should show a greater understanding of the subject area.

7) Read the Submitting Assignments page carefully and ensure that you conform to it IN ALL RESPECTS.

Sending the Assignment
The email should have your name and unit number ie: John Moore Unit 1 Assignment, which should be the same as the file name with your assignment. If you do not include your name and Unit number it will be returned to you so make sure that it is in the correct format.
Your email header should look like the one below.

The assignment will be assessed and returned to you. 
We aim to return assignments within a few days but if you haven't heard anything from us within 10 days you should contact us to confirm receipt.
In the event of you failing any of the tasks you will correct the tasks that did not pass in the assignment returned to you by the tutor and resubmitted it. 

Resubmitting Assignments
When redoing the failed question you should leave the existing content and redo it underneath using a different colour text as shown below.
Your response here

This was your original answer which is not up to the pass standard  


This is your resubmission in a different colour.


Or you may add any additional work to the existing text in a different colour. This is the only time that a colour other than black should be used in your response.
DO NOT Change any of the tasks that passed and DO NOT try to alter the Results or remove the comments given by the assessor for the questions that failed.
On resubmission you will add the word Resubmission after your name and Unit number in the file name. ie John More Unit 1 Resubmission 1 (or subsequent number).

Resubmissions MUST be resubmitted within 14 days of having the assignment returned to you.

You should ensure that you KEEP A COPY of all work sent.


If you have any questions about the course or individual units you should send these to not to individual tutors.

Step by Step Instruction
Initial Submission
1. Open up the Assignment for the unit - if you open it at the start of the unit and complete it as you work your way through, confirm that you have the latest assignment before submission. 
2. Fill in your name and Registration Number
3. Save the document with your name and unit number and assignment ie John Moore Unit 1 Assignment
4. Complete each task by writing in the box provided using single line spacing.
5. If you need to send another document ie a spreadsheet in excel, give it the name ie John Moore Question 1.2.2 and indicate in the box that you have done this.
6. Send all documents in the same email to with the email subject with the same name as your assignment ie John Moore Unit 1 Assignment
When you receive the returned assignment it will be graded per each question.  All questions must be passed. It will then be graded over all.
If any question is failed the assignment will be failed. You must them resubmit the questions that were failed.
1. Working on the assignment returned by the tutor, redo only the questions that failed, placing it below the original in a different colour text. Do not remove the original.
2. Do not alter any comments or grading of the assignment.
3. Save the documents with the title ie John Moore Unit 1 Assignment Resubmission.
4. Resubmit as above with the email title ie John Moore Unit 1 Assignment Resubmission.
5. Resubmissions must be sent within 30 days of having the assignment returned to you.
If you have to resubmit more than once you will give your resubmission a number ie John Moore Unit 1 Assignment Resubmission 2.
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